Membership is open to any scheduled airline, Norwegian and non-Norwegian, that undertakes business or is represented within Norway or the Nordic countries.
Applications are required to be approved by the Board, on receipt of the completed application form and membership fee.


Any airline that appears on the list of banned carriers within EU airspace will not be considered for membership of BARIN.

Member meetings:

3-4 meetings pr year, more meetings can be conducted on ad-hoc basis. The meetings are organized by the Secretariat and usually take place in down town Oslo or at Oslo airport Gardermoen.
The sessions are normally split into one part with industry relevant external presentations and one part with regular BARIN meeting for members only.


Members benefit directly from the work of BARIN, as their businesses are affected by the laws and requirements of the government, its agencies and regulators, airport/air traffic control operators and other similar organisations.

Membership fee:

The membership year starts on January 1st . New membership, which is approved by the Board during any other month than January, will be prorated according to the month the membership commences.
The annual membership fee is presently NOK2200,- pr airline.