BARIN is a non-profit organization and was established in the late 60s, followed by the recommendation from
International Air Transport Association (IATA) to establish a BAR (Board of Airline Representatives) in each country where civil aviation play an important role.

BARIN governance is provided by its Constitution.

The Constitution is freely provided to Members at time of enrolment, and also upon request.
BARIN is registered in the Norwegian Company Register (Brønnøysundregisteret), org nbr 984 584 318.

BARIN operates with a Board to which a Secretariat reports.

The Board consists of a maximum of 05 persons who are elected by the membership and in accordance to the Constitution.

Board members are normally the senior person in Norway for their companies in the case of foreign-based airlines, or, in the case of Norway based airlines, hold relevant senior management positions. 
The Chairman is normally a representative of a non-Norwegian airline.

The current BARIN Board:

  • Chairman:
    Terje Grue (Emirates)
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Bjørn-Tore Larsen (Icelandair)
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Henrik Hanevold (Singapore Airlines)
  • Vice-Chairman:
    Åsta Braathen (Widerøe)
  • Executive Secretary / Adviser:
    Bjørn Richard Johansen

The Board is elected by the membership, and re-elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), as their term of office expires, The Secretariat is run by the Secretary General.
The Board and Secretariat meet four to six times per year and on ad-hoc basis when required.